DirectX 11 3D Game Engine [WIP]

Source Code:

Graphical features include:
Real time dynamic lighting with specular and normal mapping, Dynamic shadowing, Real time Blur, Transparency, Refraction effects for transparent materials like glass, ice, and water, Reflection (currently disabled), UI for debugging purposes
Technology Notes: 
WASD to move, Mouse to look, Y for wireframe view, U to revert, ESC to exit
Coming soon:
Ambient occlusion, Gpu particles, Fully integrated physics
Planned architectural improvements:
-A more encapsulated way of managing textures, render targets, and effects via “materials”
-A more intuitive interface for swapping meshes, textures, and materials
-Performance improvements via model and texture pooling, an instancing pipeline for meshes, and deferred shading
-Shadow refinements using PCF, cascaded shadow maps, and depth bias adjustment
-More realistic reflection via cube mapping
-Upgrade to DirectX 12