Selected Projects

Doom Eternal

It was an honor to work on the Doom Eternal engine team. One of my most challenging and rewarding career experiences.

Code name UNBOUND [WIP]

“A fast-paced Co-Op FPS. Players explore exotic worlds and engage in intense guerilla warfare. A terrifying foe gains awareness and strength with each battle.” Currently working on this project at Streamline Studios, a UE4 FPS game known as ‘Unbound’ (further details are confidential).

DirectX 11 3D Game Engine [WIP]

This is a personal side project I am working on; a hand-written 3D engine in C++ for Windows Desktop that can be expanded to handle a diversity of real time action games. Features realistic 3D graphics using DirectX 11 and physics using the Bullet Physics engine (currently disabled).

Global Game Jam – “Alien Viral Beatdown”

“Billiards meets Pacman meets The Thing….” In this challenging top down strategy shooter, control an alien species fighting to take control of a planet and its local life forms, as another slow moving yet powerful invader tries to annihilate everything on the planet, including you. Battle against this formidable opponent throughout the confines of a harrowing post apocalyptic maze and attempt to kite the enemy ship through strategic choke points to its doom.

Luxotronix – Athletic game console system

Luxotronix was an LED Based GamePlay Surface designed by and using the core technology of Sensacell (a unique system combining LEDs and capacitive touch panels). My main role was tackling the challenging question – “how do you make a low resolution playing field fun?” – as a game design consultant.

Invaders Remake

This is a remake of the classic space shooter game ‘Invaders,’ written from scratch in C# for the WPF platform. A real-time shooter game, the player scores points by destroying incoming alien invaders, and loses if the invaders collide with the player or reach the bottom of the screen.

Forest Adventure

This is a bird’s eye view adventure game demo, akin to the original Legend of Zelda for NES, written from scratch in C# for the Windows Forms platform. It is a turn-based ‘dungeon’ game in which the player collects a new weapon each level and attacks enemies in order to advance to the next level. Enemies may also attack or flee, based on their varying attributes.